Mont Harmon Stands Out at Broadcom MASTERS Stem Competition

Mont Harmon Middle School eighth grader Cheyanne Slaughter recently took time to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS STEM Competition.This regional competition was hosted in Cedar City and welcomed well over 2,000 students. On Sept. 4, the top 300 students were announced and, thanks to Slaughter’s hard work and dedication, she was one of them. Thirty of the top 300 Broadcom MASTERS were then be selected as finalists by a nationally-ranked panel of scientists, educators and engineers on Sept. 18.The STEM research projects covered a broad range of challenges that included using machine learning and infrared technology to detect drunk drivers, examining the effects of vaping liquid nicotine, reducing ocean acidification and more.While Slaughter was not chosen as a top 30 contender in the competition, her family and those around her are very proud of all that she has accomplished while participating in the Broadcom MASTER STEM Competition, a feat that not many are able to say they have championed in at least one category. read more

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