SDCC Announcement Defenders Gets a New Trailer Plus Punisher and Iron Fist

first_imgStay on target A Tale of Two Wonder WomenSDCC Announcement: IDW Games Brings 90s Nick to Life Marvel’s The Defenders, the first big crossover series for their Netflix superheroes, had its big panel Friday night at San Diego Comic Con. Fans in attendance got their first prolonged look at the series, including a new trailer. Of course, if you were lucky enough to be in Hall H for the panel, you got to see a lot more, but there’s good news. The trailer is available for all to see, and it looks pretty great.Oh my god, where to start? Even in that brief trailer, Sigourney Weaver makes a wonderful villain. She is scary and intimidating, but in a way that you can’t help but admire. Her commanding presence even makes Madam Gao nervous. When we’re actually able to see the show, it’s pretty obvious you won’t be able to pay attention to anything else while she’s on screen. The trailer’s first moments do a great job of communicating why it’ll take four heroes to take her on. “The thing about war is, it only works if both sides believe they’re the good guys.” She is out for her own ends and doesn’t care if she has to destroy an entire city to get what she wants. Plus, she has Elektra on her side, along with enough henchmen to make life difficult for the Defenders.Jessica Jones continues to be the best, just as Danny Rand continues to be the worst. Thankfully, she appears to be acting as a foil for him, shutting down his Chi nonsense at every turn. I can already tell her interactions with the other Defenders are going to be the best part of this show. She’s super strong, yet she’s the only one who seems to realize how ridiculous this all is. I don’t care how much Iron Fist I have to sit through if Jessica Jones is there to keep us all sane.Attendees in Hall H also got to see the first full episode of The Defenders. The rest of us will have to wait until the series premiere on August 18. Early buzz is mostly positive. Deadline reports that the episode opens with a dark tunnel fight where Jessica Jones and Iron Fist try to save The Punisher. So he’s here too, even if he’s not a major player in this series. The first episode is all about where the characters are after their own season finales. It might take a couple of episodes before we see them start working together as a team.Jon Bernthal (Photo via Netflix)Before any of the Defenders cast took the stage though, Hall H attendees got their first look at The Punisher. The clip isn’t available online yet, but word from the panel is that this will be Marvel’s most violent show yet. That makes sense for the character, but it’ll be hard to top some of the violence in Daredevil. According to IGN, the clip begins by cutting between Frank Castle’s past and present day. In the past, he’s teaching his daughter to play guitar. In the present, he’s playing alone and mourning everything he’s lost. The clip then kicks into action with Frank gunning down Alabama bikers and running them over with his van. In another scene, Frank snipes a guy from really far away. In a final scene, he chokes a guy out with his own tie in an airport bathroom.That doesn’t tell us anything about what the story will be like, but it does sound like the Punisher. As cool as some of his kills will undoubtedly be, they sound particularly gratuitous. That might be the point. The Punisher is supposed to make you uncomfortable. He’s an anti-hero you want to cheer on, but his methods make you question whether or not you should. If the show nails that balance, it could be one of Marvel’s most interesting TV series. We’ll find out when The Punisher hits Netflix later this fall. (No concrete release date yet.)Finn Jones (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Netflix)One final piece of news to come out of the panel is that Iron Fist is getting a second season, Variety reports. Despite being the worst-reviewed series Marvel has ever produced, Netflix is giving it a second chance. Marvel Television Executive Vice President Jeph Loeb announced that the second season will see Coleen Wing team up with NYPD detective Misty Knight, who first appeared in Luke Cage. That actually doesn’t sound too bad. Wing was far and away the best part of the first season. If she gets her own story in season two that doesn’t involve Danny, it’s already much better than season one. Especially since Wing and Knight teamed up in the comics as The Daughters of the Dragon, and were always much cooler than anything, Iron Fist had to offer.Who knows, though? Maybe there’s a reason to be optimistic about season two. It’s entirely possible for the showrunners to learn from their mistakes and try to turn Iron Fist into a character we actually want to watch. At the panel, Iron Fist star Finn Jones described The Defenders as completing Danny Rand’s origin and finally turning him into a superhero. One of the biggest problems with Season One is that Danny didn’t really do anything. He had no real arc, not even a solid motivation. It was a superhero show without a superhero in it. Jones says The Defenders is what finally turns him into a superhero. Maybe that’s all Season Two needs to be good.Plus, it’s entirely possible that he’ll finally get into a superhero costume in this series. Hiding his face under a mask will solve another major problem season one had: It will allow them to make fight scenes the audience can actually follow. On Daredevil, Matt Murdock always wore a mask. As a result, stunt doubles could be used when needed, and they were able to pull off those prolonged, single-shot fight scenes where you could follow every brutal hit. Since Danny didn’t wear a mask in season one, the action had to be obscured with low lighting and quick cuts that made it impossible to follow. If The Defenders turns Danny into a real hero, and gets him in a suit, things could be looking up for Iron Fist season two.Either way, it’s going to be a while before we know for sure. After The Defenders and The Punisher premiere this year, we have new seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage coming out before we see more Iron Fist. No matter what happens, Marvel’s Netflix superheroes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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