Google makes the Nexus 4 Nexus 10 and Android 42 official despite

first_imgToday Google was slated to make some very big announcements, but their NYC event was cancelled due to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. That didn’t stop Google from dropping their news though, which will be a bright spot during an otherwise very dreary day.If you’ve been following the Android rumors you won’t find many surprises today. In a blog post Google revealed information about everything we’ve been reading about in unconfirmed leaks over the past two (or so) weeks, including the Nexus 4 smartphone, the Nexus 10, Android 4.2 (also known as Jelly Bean), Google Play, and the Nexus 7 (32GB) with mobile data.The first of the three new devices announced was the Nexus 4 smartphone built by LG. It’s a quad-core, 4.7-inch handset, with a 320 ppi display, meaning it’s not only big but it has Retina-like visuals. It’ll run Google’s hot-off-the-presses Android 4.2. The Nexus 4 does not have LTE, it uses HSPA+.One of the cool new features of the LG Nexus 4 is Photo Sphere, which lets Nexus users create 360-degree panoramas by having the phone snap together multiple images into a single shot.Android 4.2 brings with it Gesture Type, the Nexus keyboard update that revealed last week. Other new features include Miracast wireless display support and an update to Google Now.The Nexus 4 will be available on November 13th through the Google Play store. It will start at $299 for the 8GB model. The 16GB variant will be available in the US, on T-Mobile, at $199 with a 2-year agreement.The Nexus 7 has been out for some time — and has been quite the success — but now Google has made official the 32GB model at $249, the 16GB unit at $199 (previously the 8GB model as at this price point), and a 32GB model with HSPA+ data at $299. It will operate on AT&T’s network in the USA.As expected, the Nexus 10 tablet was announced in the blog post as well. The tablet ups the Nexus 7’s game by moving to a 2560×1600 display (300 ppi) while maintaining 9 hours of battery life during video playback. It’ll also run Android 4.2, with multi-user support (not only the B&N Nook HD+)The Nexus 10 will be sold at $399 (16GB) and $499 (32GB) on November 13th. It will be available through the Google Play stores in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, and Japan.last_img read more

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