HP Play goes beta is iTunes for the TouchPad

first_imgA successful tablet device isn’t just about delivering powerful, flexible hardware in a sexy package. It’s also got plenty to do with the ecosystem manufacturers build around their tablets — the way that the iOS App Store and iTunes complete the iPad experience. While OEMs like Motorola and Samsung have left the ecosystem part up to Google when it comes to their Android offerings, HP is keeping things in-house with the TouchPad.Not all of the pieces to the puzzle were available when the TouchPad launched on July 1st in the U.S., but things are rapidly taking shape. For example, HP’s “iTunes” for the TouchPad — HP Play — is now available for download.AdChoices广告You may just be able to make out the tone-on-tone text in the lower-right corner of the main program window, which reveals that HP Play is powered by Songbird. At this stage in the game, there was really no need for HP to reinvent the wheel and launch a built-from-scratch app to accompany the TouchPad. Songbird is a very capable and full-featured program, and it’s mature enough to provide the powerplant for HP Play.In its present form, Play isn’t going to knock your socks off. It’ll import iTunes libraries, build playlists, play and rate your songs, and let you edit ID3 tags. Synchronizing to devices works, too, though it requires a USB connection at this point — a bit of a downer considering HP has really been hammering home the wire-free awesomeness of the TouchPad and webOS smartphones.There’s currently no download store for integrated purchasing of music or videos, though that’s probably going to change in the very near future. Songbird already offers 7digital shopping in its vanilla version, and it’s been known for a while that HP is working on something media-related for webOS. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for now.The HP Play beta is available for download now, and both Windows and Mac versions are there. Find them both at www.hpplay.com.More at PreCentrallast_img read more

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