Samsung creates terrible memorable 840 EVO SSD commercial

first_imgAs a geek, I am used to the mainstream tech and gadget advertising being a bit cringeworthy and focusing on the features of a device I don’t really care about. But at least most of those ad campaigns are well put together and use people who know how to act. However, that’s clearly not the case for Samsung’s latest commercial trying to entice the masses to purchase an 840 EVO SSD.I don’t envy any advertising agency given the task of selling an SSD to mainstream consumers. It’s a tiny, expensive storage device they’ve probably never considered buying before. Storage comes as standard in most devices people purchase, so what’s the deal? But the 840, and SSDs in general, are a great upgrade to a PC, so they need to try and get that across somehow.This Samsung advert doesn’t work, though, because they forgot one thing: to employ competent actors to read the script. Watch it below and you’ll see what I mean:The script isn’t great to begin with I’ll admit, but the actors really fail to pull off being genuinely excited about what they are holding. If that has been done on purpose then the advert is brilliant as it is already going down in history as one of the worst Samsung, or indeed any tech company, has put together.These people seem like they are really lacking in the acting department, but if they can still manage to install an SSD it must be easy, right? Hmm, maybe I should go buy an SSD.last_img read more

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