Slippery Rock’s Andre Freeman ready to ‘D’ up in NFL

first_imgANDRE FREEMAN When Andre Freeman stood up and walked towards me I knew it. And you would know it too. This guy is special. First the million dollar smile hits you and then see what the NFL clearly sees. the 6’0 190 pound 22 year old defensive cornerback from Slipper Rock University has all the tools needed to make his mark on the NFL. And Andre didn’t gain the size or the skills by accident. Mr. Freeman Sr. was set to make his mark on Sundays with the Buffalo Bills back in 1986 when life took him in another direction including a fabulous family.Further evidence of great things to come came when “Elite Sports and Entertainment Management Co.,” owned and operated by Five Starr Corporation introduced the All-Conference grad to Sports Entertainment Management Group LLC operated by partners Eddie Edwards Jr. and Dwayne Woodruff (former two time Steelers Super Bowl Champion and All-Pro Cornerback).Numerous NFL scouts think that Freeman is the real deal and ironically the Buffalo Bills are showing strong interest in him.Freeman, who just returned from playing in the Hansen Bowl in Virginia Beach, has no doubt he can play at the next level and only needs to pack on another 10 pounds of muscle and drop his 40 yard dash down from a 4-4 to a 4-3 and he’s set to go.Based on all “The Rock” has told me about Andre coupled with his near perfect attitude and work ethic, I said he can’t miss on the gridiron but just in case he graduates with a degree in Safety Management. Not to mention the fact that you know how we Rock Grads roll. You got Ron Hunt, Jeff Lake, Chuck Sanders, “Flyin Myron” Brown and yours truly to clearly show you that failure is not a option.last_img