Dissatisfaction Leads to Growth

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Dissatisfaction doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Of course, we want to identify it in a prospective client so we can create an opportunity. But dissatisfaction is more important than that.Dissatisfaction is what leads to growth.If you are satisfied with the status quo, then you are not growing. It’s the unhappiness with the way things are that creates the need for change.Growth comes from believing that things can be better. Dissatisfaction provides the answer to the question, “Better than what?”Dissatisfaction is what leads to growth for your clients. But it is also what helps you to grow both personally and professionally. You are dissatisfied with what you are because you know that you can be more. You are dissatisfied with what you are doing because you know that you can do more (and not more activity, more things that create meaning and purpose). You are dissatisfied because you know that you can have more.When you are so dissatisfied with the way things are that you can no longer accept them, you are ready to grow.Dissatisfaction is what gets us unstuck.When you are stuck, it’s the dissatisfaction that compels you to take action.Your clients get stuck. They find ways to work around all of the problems and challenges they have rather than investing the time, money, and energy to improve them. It’s the dissatisfaction with being stuck that eventually moves them enough to do something. You help by giving them a vision of what’s possible and helping them become dissatisfied with being stuck.You can get stuck too. When you do, frustration is your ally. It’s your dissatisfaction that compels you to make changes that get you unstuck. There is a reason we all want “breakthroughs.” You are breaking through being stuck.Dissatisfaction is the root of your breakthroughs.Dissatisfaction kills complacency.You have two choices when it comes to serving your clients. You can wait until they become dissatisfied before you try to help them with their breakthrough, but by being complacent, you are opening up the opportunity for your competitors to develop that dissatisfaction and competitively displace you. Or you can proactively create dissatisfaction.Creating dissatisfaction keeps you and your client from becoming complacent. And that’s the best client retention program available.But you can’t allow yourself to become complacent either. You need to spend time with people who will help you develop a bigger version of yourself. You need to spend time with folks who will challenge you to be your very best, like a mastermind group or a group of fellow hustlers. You need to feel some pressure to grow. Complacency is a killer.Dissatisfaction is the key to growth. It’s okay to be pleased, but it isn’t okay to be satisfied.last_img