Nike NBA Connected Jersey isnt as terrible as it sounds

first_imgWith anything and everything becoming “smart” or, at the very least, getting connected to the Internet, there is no shortage of jokes about which thing will get smart next. Yes, that includes underwear. Don’t worry, this new “connected jersey” collab between the NBA and Nike isn’t yet at that level of absurdity. Because at the end of the day, the Nike NBA Jersey with NikeConnect is nothing but a fancy, and perhaps unnecessary, gimmick to quickly take you to your favorite team’s stats. The Nike NBA Jersey with NikeConnect won’t go on sale until September 29. The NikeConnect app will only be compatible with the iPhone 7 and later models or any Android phone with an NFC reader. The app also has a section for rewards and offers, in case the Connected Experience has encouraged you to buy more Nike and NBA items.SOURCE: Nike That NFC chip’s one and only purpose is to direct the NikeConnect app, which you should have already installed and opened, to the app’s section dedicated to that NBA team whose colors you proudly wear. NikeConnect could have just as well used a QR code or barcode but an NFC is admittedly faster and sounds more sophisticated.So this is how it all works. You buy a Nike NBA Connected Jersey from either of the two’s stores corresponding to the team you’re rooting for. You then download the NikeConnect app for Android or iOS and start it up. Then, whether you’re wearing it or now, you can simply tap your phone onto the logo on the jersey and the app will automatically go to the Team’s feed for stats, videos, info, and more. That’s all there is to it and you can almost pretty much forget your jersey. Unless you’re currently wearing it, of course.center_img “Connected jersey” might actually be a misnomer, or at least smoke and mirrors designed to make it seem that the jersey is smarter than it seems. In truth, the only piece of electronics you’ll ever be able to find there is an NFC chip hidden at the bottom of the jersey, right where the NBA and NikeConnect logos are located.last_img