Exchange Club Seeks Nominations for ‘Book of Golden Deeds’ Recipient

first_imgFor 49 years annually, the Exchange Club of Ocean City has honored individuals or groups who do good deeds for the community.On April 27, the club will honor its 50th Book of Golden Deeds recipient at a dinner at Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point.The club is seeking nominations for people who fit the following criteria:The honoree need not have great wealth, prestige or high social standing. He/She might well be from the humblest walk of life, a hitherto undistinguished marcher in the passing parade. One of the most satisfying aspects of the Book of Golden Deeds is its recognition of sacrifices and unselfish services of persons who otherwise would remain unheralded.The person to be honored might come from the ranks of highly dedicated people in almost every profession: teachers, physicians, nurses, clergymen, etc. A winner might be found among those widows and hard-pressed widowers who manage to raise decent, God-fearing, good American families despite poverty and adversity. Also worthy of recognition are many honest, unselfish, progressive public office holders and devoted civil servants. Some who deserve acclaim yet rarely receive it are the tireless volunteers in the health and welfare organizations, civic planners, youth leaders, and philanthropists.The honor need not be confined to individuals; golden deeds are often the result of teamwork. Civic bodies, charitable organizations, fundraising groups aiding worthwhile causes might be worth of recognition.A nomination form (due by March 30) is attached below, along with the names of the 49 recipients of the Book of Golden Deeds.Download (PDF, 68KB)last_img