CBS Uses Phish’s “Heavy Things” To Report On Man Who Stole 86 Pounds Of Gold Flakes

first_img#WeAreEverywhere On September 29, a man unknowingly stole a bucket of gold flakes in Midtown Manhattan. While purposefully taking something from a jewelry delivery truck that was left unattended, knowing full-well that the components of the bucket would be valuable, he most likely had no idea that he was walking away with “an 86-pound, unmarked and sealed black metal bucket containing $1.6 million-worth of gold flakes.” According to CBS This Morning, it took the man an hour to walk what would normally take ten minutes, and yet nobody noticed him carrying the heavy thing. This man has not yet been found, and the gold is still missing. Read the full story here.To report this case, CBS This Morning shared a video that features “Heavy Things” by Phish. We think this is awesome. To whoever scores the music for CBS This Morning, we salute you.last_img